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Appreciative approach

Is a way of intervening in organizations by relying on the collective intelligence, its positive experiences and its strengths in order to support groups in the change. The process revolves around the 4 Ds: Discover. To become. Decide. Deploy

Art of Hosting, learning circles

The art of hosting conversations that matter.

Coaching Ourselves

Henry Mintzberg’s approach based on 90-minute reflective discussion modules. Facilitation approach that relies on a combination of brainstorming, training, support and empowerment among peers to bring out all the levers of success

Liberating Structures

Based on the research of Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless, this is a selection of 33 ways to facilitate work meetings in order to bring out creativity, participation and action.

Lego® Serious Play® method

Facilitation process using construction with Lego bricks to tackle complex and abstract challenges and make them concrete.

Scharmer's Theory U

Process based on “Presencing, Presence + Sensing”, allowing to discover its blind spots, to put the human back in the center of the Work.

Graphic facilitation

Real-time modeling of a discussion, also called “ graphic recording “, which gives the power to visualize the exchanges and support the teams by drawing.

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP)

Approach to work on the leader’s ability and discipline to lead with full awareness and build on his strengths.

Professional co-development groups

Professional co-development: “development approach for people who believe they can learn from each other in order to improve their practice. The reflection carried out, individually and in groups, is favored by a structured consultation exercise which deals with the problems currently experienced by the participants … “

Adrien PAYETTE, Claude CHAMPAGNE, PUQ, 1997

Scaling Up Methodology

Based on the book Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, proven methodology for implementing a growth strategy in his company. Particularly targeted offer for SMEs.



  • Coaching for managers

  • Team and group coaching


  • Employer brand
  • Performance evaluation management system
  • Organizational alignment (values, mission, vision, strategy, SWOT)
  • Employee engagement
  • Meeting efficiency
  • Effectiveness of the management committee
  • Improved decision-making processes

    • Appreciative approach

      • Lego® Serious Play® method
      • Coaching Ourselves – peer coaching groups
      • Professional and managerial co-development groups

Interactive and dynamic


  • Various subjects: future of work, implementation of change, diversity, inclusion and political skills