Laure Cohen

Facilitator and executive coach

Laure Cohen
Facilitator and executive coach

“The workshop was really a success beyond my expectations! We hear the follow-ups everywhere in the teams. A new vocabulary, a common wish, great energy. The teams are more than satisfied! Thank you for this approach. We will keep it alive ”

Caroline C. headmistress LOJIQ

“Time and work judiciously invested for anyone wishing to improve their leadership skills. "

Isabelle L., responsible investments, CDPQ

"Far from the recipes, a real personalized approach in order to achieve its objectives."

François B. VP, CDPQ

"Committed, listening skills, strategic and efficient spirit".

Karen L. DG Femmessor-Montréal

"An incredible talent for optimizing the resources of a company."

Vincent L. Stratège social media, Walkiri

"I am asking for Laure’s expert opinion for my column A boss like no other, published every Saturday in La Presse. His point of view is always interesting, thoughtful, and well written. A pleasure to collaborate with her ”.

Émilie Laperrière, freelance journalist

"An essential ally."

Danièle L. DG and artistic Jeunesses Musicales Canada

"A demanding, precise and concrete process of which Laure is the prime contractor."

Marie-Josée D. COO à L’OSM

"It's true, humanism, listening, sensitivity and action".

Géraldine Paumier, Owner at G&G Pâtisserie Gourmande Montréal

How does the appreciative approach help you achieve lasting results?

What are the concrete results of a professional coaching process?

In a VICA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, coaching support and group facilitation help the organization and its teams to develop their agility on a daily basis.

“The learning organization, says Peter Senge, is an organization that continually develops its ability to create its future.”

Learning through your actions

My role is to equip you with the best practices in management and facilitation to help you practice other ways of doing, being and seeing.

“We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”


Co-create the field of possibilities

When the leader listens to the intelligence of the group, the organization becomes a “learning organization” propelled by curiosity, the ability to innovate and transform itself . The role of the facilitator is create workshops that allow each person to develop their ability to participate in building the future of the organization.

How can I help you?

Far from recipes, a real personalized approach rooted in your reality to help you achieve your goals. There is a before and after a group coaching or facilitation process: everyone feels more aligned with their values and strengths to be open to all possibilities. I attach the greatest importance to working the head and heart alignment in each of us to improve communications, collaboration, energy and to succeed in his profession. I can help you take the next step!

Podcast: "YES, AND ..."

Every month, we put in practice leading with heart and head with one of our guests. Come and take away some of the best practices in appreciative inquiry. 

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